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PremiumPlus Medical Billing Service

  • We will enter your data and submit your claims
  • Complete Accounts Receivable Posting
  • Prompt and accurate claim submission
  • All for as low as $2.05 per claim
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Premium Medical Billing Service

  • We will enter your data and submit your claims
  • Prompt and accurate claim submission
  • All for as low as $1.59 per claim
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Medisoft Network Basic Service

  • Enter data yourself on our hosted Medisoft network
  • MBP will submit your electronic claims
  • Only 45 cents per electronic claim
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Introducing Medisoft Mobile

Medisoft Mobile Service

  • Tap...Tap...Submit
  • Submit billing at the time of service
  • Save on your fees with MBPros
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BillFlash Electronic Patient Statements

  • Sending bills and getting paid has never been easier
  • Send professional statements to your patients
  • Increase patient collections
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Free iPad or iPad Mini
Free iPad, iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD

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Medisoft Online Training

Learn Medisoft On Your Own Pace For Only $25 Per Month or $199 Per Year

PremiumEMR Medical Billing Service

Improve Your Reimbursements

Decrease Claim Denials

Save on Staff Expenses

Let MBP Scrub Your Claims With
Our PremiumEMR Medical Billing Service
Linking Medisoft With EZNotes

Here's What's Included:

  • Accurate patient entry in Medisoft

    • Patient demographics are then transferred in real-time into EZNotes in your office

  • Insurance Verification to verify eligibility, benefits and if a referral or treatment plan approval is required*.

    • MBP will not only verify eligibility, copayment and deductible information, but also determine, where possible, if claims go to a 3rd party for submission, how many visits are allowed per year, if the patient has different benefits for chiropractic adjustments vs therapy services, if pre-authorization is required and/or if a referral is required. 

    • To provide us accurate patient and insurance information for new patients, your office can complete a simple online patient form providing us patient demographics.  You may elect to have your patient complete this form.  We can also provide you a PDF version of this form which your client can complete and which you can print out and fax to us.

    • You also will be required to scan insurance cards (front and back) and provide to us for all new patients.

  • Transfer of Charges:  After you, the provider, charts the patient in EZNotes, the procedure codes and diagnosis codes you selected will be transferred into Medisoft on our system.

  • Claim Submission and Scrubbing:  On a weekly basis we will submit all of your claims.  Prior to submission, claims will be scrubbed against CCI Edits, Medicare Edits and CPT and ICD edits to ensure clean claims are submitted.

    • For example, we will ensure that a 25 modifier is on all E & M codes rendered in conjunction with other services.

    • We will ensure you have placed an AT modifier on an adjustment code billed to Medicare, unless you have selected the GA modifier in EZNotes.

    • We will ensure that the code G0283 rather than 97014 is on claims billed to Medicare and United Healthcare.

  • Accounts Receivable Posting:  MBP will post all insurance and patient payments in Medisoft.

    • On a monthly basis we will provide you the following reports:

    • Primary Insurance Aging

    • Patient Remainder Statements

    • Collection Analysis Report

    • Collection Statistics Detail

    • Financial Statistics Detail

    • Flash Report

  • Authorization Tracking:  Treating patients who do not have current referrals or authorizations will result in insurance denials and loss of revenue to your practice.  To help ensure this does not happen, MBP will track all authorizations and referrals you obtain for your patients.  In additional, on a weekly basis we will email you two reports...one report showing authorizations or referrals that are expiring within the next 14 days and the other report showing where 2 or fewer authorizations remain.  See below for samples of the 2 reports:

PremiumLite EMR Service Available:

  • For practices that do not require accounts receivable posting or do not require insurance verification, we offer our PremiumLite EMR Service which provides all of the above EXCEPT for accounts receivable posting and/or insurance verification.  Note that if you choose this service without accounts receivable posting, the monthly reports indicated above are not provided.

Premium EMR Service Pricing:

  • $2.75 Per Claim (Minimum fee of $99.95 per month)

  • OR prepay and save!  Purchase 1000 claims for only $2.29 per claim.

  • Set-Up Fee:  $99.95

  • Online Rejection Reports:  $5.95 Per Month

  • SAVE ON THE DATABITS INTERFACE:  After being enrolled with MBP's PremiumEMR Service for one year, MBP will issue you a nonrefundable credit on your account for $649...the cost of the Databits Interface!

  • ERA Cancellation Fee (for practices that cancel service with MBP or downgrade to the PremiumLite EMR Service):  $99.95

PremiumLite EMR Service Pricing:
  • With the PremiumLite EMR Service, you can choose NOT to enroll for Accounts Receivable Posting and/or Insurance Verification.  For each service you choose to disenroll, your fee is 40 cents per claim less expensive than indicated above.

  • EXAMPLE:  You choose the PremiumLite EMR Service without accounts receivable posting.  Your fee would be $2.35 per claim ($1.89 per claim if you purchased a 1000 claim prepayment option).

  • EXAMPLE 2:  You choose the PremiumLite EMR Service without accounts receivable posting and without insurance verfication.  Your fee would be $1.95 per claim ($1.49 per claim if you purchased a 1000 claim prepayment option).


  • Why do I need MBP to scrub and submit my claims?
    • It is important to be able to accurately set up insurance payers, patients and insurance cases.  With 18 years of experience, MBP has the knowledge to ensure that set-up of patients and cases is done properly which minimizes insurance rejections and improves your reimbursements.
  • Why do I need MBP to verify a patient's insurance?
    • Insurance verification not only confirms that a patient is eligible, but also provides you financial information, such as copayments and deductibles which are due.  In addition, verification will advise if claims have to go to a 3rd party for processing (such as American Specialty Health Network or Optum Health) and if pre-authorization or a referral is required.  Failure to obtain this information may result in denials of claims.
  • I need notes from EZNotes sent along with my claims.  How do we provide these notes to you?
    • Unless directed by a health insurance payer, notes do NOT need to go along with health insurance claims.  However, for auto and work comp claims, your office can fax us the notes OR you can save the notes to a PDF file and upload them to a secure website we have OR your office can provide us access to your EZNotes if you have the program Log Me In (allowing us to remotely access your computer).
  • We would rather have our claims sent daily rather than weekly.  Is this an option?
    • If your office wants more than one submission per week, we can do supplemental submissions.  The fee for a supplemental submission is $9.95, together with the per-claim cost.  For example, maybe you want a 2nd submission each week.  You can schedule this automatically and be invoiced for each additional supplemental submission OR you can instead simply request supplemental submissions when you deem it necessary.
  • We own Medisoft.  Can we access Medisoft on your system and can we print our own paper claims?
    • If your office owns a licensed copy of Medisoft and provides us your serial number, you can have access to Medisoft on our system for one user...and YES you can print your own paper claims.
    • If you need an additional user accessing Medisoft on our system, you must purchase an additional user license ($159.95 one-time fee) plus there is a fee of $4.95/month for the additional user.
  • Why should we go with EZNotes now?
    • EZNotes is a leading chiropractic EMR program developed by two working chiropractors.  They listen to their providers and update the program every two weeks.
    • And purchase the certified version of EZNotes as you may qualify for $39,000 of stimulus money.

Your Requirements:

  • You must own a licensed copy of EZNotes and the Databits Interface ($649).

  • For accounts receivable posting, you must provide us copies of EOBs AT LEAST once a week.

    • Our office will enroll you for Electronics Remittance Advice with payers that offer this service.  Once enrolled, this will dramatically reduce the number of EOBs you have to provider.

*Insurance verifications limited to 5 per day and only for new patients or patients with changes to their insurance.  Should your office request insurance verification for existing patients who have not had a change of insurance or request more than 5 verifications during a day, a fee of $9.95 per verification will be charged for the excess verifications or for the existing patient verifications.