MBP Payment Manager

Electronic Remits Made Easy!

Sorting through piles of paper remits is tedious and time consuming. The organizational power of MBP's Remit Manager tremendously increases the efficiency of your office.

» MBP's Payment Manager acts as an electronic filing cabinet of your EOBs from payers offering Electronic Remitance Advice.

» The filter and search capabilities quickly highlight denials and locate patient history.

» View ERA information by file and see all details - Users will have the ability to download in PDF format a look-alike EOB for the ERA file.

» Instantly see patient errors and denials - MBP's Payment Manager highlights any claims which have errors or been denied. Providers will also have the ability to search for claims that have been denied.

» View information categorized by check numbers or by patient - MBP Payment Manager clearly lists the name of each patient whose EOB is associated with an individual check or EFT.

» Print individual remits for a single patient - This option eliminates the need for a provider to remove or blackout other patient information on the remittance when sending to a secondary payer.

» Print remits for selected patients - Print individual or group remits.

» Search by various criteria - Search by patient, insurance company/payee, check date and check number.

» Reports - MBP's Payment Manager offers selected reports showing you various financial information about your claims.

» Download and post electronic payments - For providers who are NOT clients of Medical Billing Professionals, enroll for our Repots Only option for the Remit Manager and you can download the 835 ERA file from the payer for posting in your practice management system. Save hours of time compared to manual posting of EOBs and reduce clerical errors associated with manual posting.

» All-Payer - Simplify your accounts receivable by centralizing the management of your HIPAA-compliant 835 remits in our web-accessible database. To see a list of payers offering ERA, click here.

» HIPAA-compliant security - Access to the system is controlled and monitored to ensure your information stays safe. All transmitted data is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption.

» Flash Demo available - To see a flash demo of MBP's Payment Manager, click here.