Calculate Your Potential Savings

     Are you paying too much for your medical billing--whether you are using a billing service or doing your billing in-house?  By completing the below form, we can email you a detailed report showing your potential savings by switching to MBPros..a leader in medical billing since 1995.

     A few points to keep in mind:

  • MBP has expertise in various specialties, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, behavioral health and pediatrics.  Because of this knowledge, we will catch errors in your billing prior to submission.  That improves your reimbursements and reduces your denials.
  • If you are seeing patients more than once a week (for example, a chiropractor may see patients two or three times per week), you may be able to save by billing weekly and grouping your visits together by patient.  For example, if you saw John Smith twice during a week and rendered three procedures each visit, you could have only one claim (rather than two claims) by billing weekly.  This increases your savings compared to a billing service billing on a percentage basis.