Below please find written testimonials from some of our clients. The testimonial appears below the provider's name and contact information.

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  • George Foedisch, DC

  • 665 Harleysville Pike, Telford, PA  18969
  • Phone: (215) 721-2300
  • E-Mail: office@foedischchiro.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since May, 2011

Any doctor or health group practicing in Aerica should use Medical Billing Professionals!!!  Why?  Because no other billing company provides the customer service, quality of product, up to date and professional support that Medical Billing Professionals delivers.  It's just that simple!  MBPros/Steve has, and continues, to be a critical resource in Foedisch Chiropractic's ability to thrive in the current health care industry.  MBPros' caliber of work allows us to focus on our passion:  "delivering exceptional chiropractic care in our community".

  • Mahaiwe Chiropractic

  • 15 Mahaiwe St, Great Barrington, MA  01230
  • Phone: (413) 528-2948
  • E-Mail: nbronstein@drbronstein.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since April, 2010

I have found the services that Medical Billing Professionals provides to be invaluable.  Steve is incredibly responsive and helpful.  I don't think that he ever sleeps!  It seems like whenever we have a question, we almost immediately get an email reply.  Our claims are filed quickly and efficiently and we are notified right away if there are any issues.  We highly recommend his services and wish that more of our vendors provided such consistent, efficient service.

  • Mark Saracino, D.C., DACAN

  • 1150 First Ave., Suite 120
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • Phone: (610) 337-3335
  • E-Mail: mark.saracino1@juno.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since March, 1999

Thank you for practically eliminating the "worry of waiting" with insurance billing. Not only does your firm provide a fine electronic medical billing service, but also your personal touch is commendable.

Your knowledge of billing codes, methodologies (or, shall I say, idiosynchrocies!) and carrier specific ancillary forms is second to none. My calls are always returned within 48 hours and with a patient and pleasant voice. I was not surprised to hear that you were into radio broadcasting.

As outsourcing becomes a necessity in chiropractors' offices to reduce operating costs, your services make the task of dealing with insurance companies much easier. I actually feel like you are a partner in the office whose expertise is in and who deals only with billing matters. For this, I am truly grateful.

  • Noel Cappillo, DC

  • 148 Linden St, Suite 101, Wellesley, MA  02482
  • Phone: (781) 237-5118
  • E-Mail: noel@cappillo.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since December, 2014

     Medical Billing Professionals is an easy and convenient service to use for electronic claims and billing.  I am always impressed how quickly Steve responds to my questions.  When I log dates for claims to be submitted to insurance companies, I always get a quick response confirming they have been submitted.  Steve also communicates very well about upcoming website maintenance or if he will be unavailable for a day at a seminar.  Any problems that the billing website may encounter are quickly resolved and are clearly communicated.  I would recommend Medical Billing Professionals to other chiropractors who want to make their billing less complicated and more efficient. 

  • Yegues Schettini, D.C.

  • 17064 W. Dixie Hwy
    N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
  • Phone: (305) 948-0600
  • E-Mail: yeguito@msn.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since February, 2003

The most relevant thing I can say about MBP is that they are fast and cheap. My bills go out the same they are submitted to MBP. I never had any complaints from any insurance company regarding mistakes. And, more importantly, MBP is less than half of what I used to pay to another billing company.

  • Kentuckiana Children's Center (Chiropractic)

  • 1810 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY  40206
  • Phone: (502) 893-7227
  • E-Mail: drericatkcc@aol.com
  • Platinum  Service
  • Client since December, 2013
I am writing to recommend the services of Medical Billing Professionals and Steven Zats.  Kentuckiana Children's Center has contracted with this company since December, 2013 and has been very pleased.  Steve's knowledge and attention to detail are most helpful and appreciated.

I feel confident in recommending Steve's billing service.  He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with.  He is always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns and quickly responds to questions.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

  • David Waring, D.C.

  • 37140 Dequindre Rd.
    Sterling Heights, MI 48310
  • Phone: (586) 979-7900
  • E-Mail: allnervedup@aol.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since September, 2003

We have utilized the services of Medical Billing Professionals since September, 2003. Their name says it all--PROFESSIONALS. Our claims are always on time and any follow-up questions or problems are swiftly handled in a professional manner. The staff is very knowledgeable of health care procedures, codes and insurance companies, which allows for better claim submission and collection. We would highly recommend any business in the health care delivery system to employ Medical Billing Professionals as their medical biller.

  • Christopher Jordan, DC

Medical Billing Professionals is an asset to my practice. Instead of spending outrageous fees to update my software, Medical Billing Professionals does it for me. My favorite part of the service is being able to access my records from any location. This enables me to work from home or schedule appointments when not in the office. Medical Billing Professionals keeps me aware of updates in insurance billing and makes my office run more efficiently.

  • Julius M. Rogina, Ph.D.

  • 427 Ridge St., Suite A
    Reno, NV 89501
  • Phone: (775) 324-2000
  • E-Mail: weiher@gbis.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since October, 2005

I know my billing is in good hands with Medical Billing Professionals. I have claims going out weekly, sometimes daily, to several payers and I know the check will be in the mail within 4-6 weeks. It has streamlined my business. We submit our daily activities to Steve and he is quick to get claims submitted that same day and notifies us of what transactions have taken place. If there are any questions or anything that looks unusual, he responds quickly and gets the situation taken care of. With HIPAA regulations and insurance billing quirks, it is great to know that we have an expert assisting us with our billing. We have 24 hour access to any report we need, and assistance if we can't find it ourselves. We couldn't think of going back to "how we used to do it". We are spoiled with MBP!

  • David Dils, D.C.

  • 555 N. Hanover St.
    Carlisle, PA 17013
  • Phone: (717) 241-6263
  • E-Mail: davidtdilsdc@gmail.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since November, 2006

We have been using Medical Billing Professionals services since November, 2006. The services they provide are quick and accurate. Billings that are sent in are usually billed on the same day, sometimes within minutes. The procedures used to bill are very easy to follow and Steve keeps us updated on changes regularly. We find MBP more cost effective and accurate compared to other billing services we used in the past. We would highly recommend Steve and MBP.

  • Kenneth Cassorla, D.C.

  • 3811 Portola Dr.
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
  • Phone: (831) 462-3400
  • E-Mail: kencassorla@yahoo.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since May, 2006

I have been a client of MBP since May, 2006. I made the move to online billing to reduce my overhead from the in-office billing service I was using at the time. My fears were:

1) That the process of getting set up would be difficult and leave large information gaps that would ultimately mean the claims were not being properly processed....more so because MBP operates out of Pennsylvania and I practice in California.

2) I would lose control of the billing process as it would not be off-site.

3) Inputting ongoing claim data would be very complicated and time consuming.

In fact, none of these fears were valid. Individual patient data entry really was easy. Yes, it took some time to enter all the information, but the process is straightforward and needs only to be done once. Thereafter, once a patient's info is in the system, office visit claim data is a breeze to enter...3 lines usually, 4 lines at most. This is a hell of a lot easier than ASHP's ridiculous ASH link system.

I feel more in control of the billing process because I am actively involved in it. Communicating with Steve is a pleasant experience. Usually done via e-mail, he responds very quickly, often the same day, sometimes within minutes. He has a deep grasp of the insurance game, and has commented on errors I've made. I have referred several friends to him, and I would not be hesitant to do the same to you. Feel free to call or drop me an e-mail if you need more information.

  • Emanuel Frank, MD (Psychiatrist)

  • 1570 The Alameda, Suite 202, San Jose, CA  95126
  • Phone: (857) 204-2117
  • E-Mail: frank.mcrae@comcast.net
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since February, 2015

     I have been a client of MBPros since February, 2015.  My billing costs have been reduced significantly and I am very pleased with their service.  They took the time to answer all of my questions and made my transition easy to the new system.  Once up and running they have been available anytime to any billing issues that may have come up along the way, usually getting back to me within a couple of hours, even on weekends!  I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in making their medical billing less expensive and more efficient.

  • Carla Gibson, FNP

I have been using Medical Billing Professionals since May, 2007. I was immediately impressed with the prompt customer service and follow-up provided as I signed on. Along the way, I have had few problems, but when they did surface Medical Billing Professionals worked with me to sort them out quickly. One example was in the transition to NPI usage. I had neglected to obtain a Group NPI to replace my Group Medicare number...big problem! But Medical Billing Professionals helped determine why the claims were being rejected, made the call to the intermediary and directed me to the proper connections to correct the problem.

I recommend Steve and his group at Medical Billing Professionals highly. Seldom do you find the value in a service that I have found here. The price is right, the service is high quality AND time to payment of claims is quick.

  • Joseph A. Sarnelle, M.D.

  • 812 Poole Ave.
    Hazlet, NJ 07730
  • Phone: (732) 264-3131
  • E-Mail: jasarnellemd@hotmail.com
  • Basic Service
  • Client since July, 2007

I have been a client of Medical Billing Professionals since July, 2007. I am very pleased with the services I receive. The system is easy to use and we have not experienced any down-time with the server or with the program. The Encoder Pro is a great plus and it makes it so easy to enter the complete and accurate diagnosis codes. My claims are accurately submitted and all of my questions and concerns are promptly answered. As a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend their services.

  • Alfredo Vazquez, D.C.

  • 2925 Gulf Fwy South, Suite B347, League City, TX 77573
  • Phone: (832) 647-0761
  • E-Mail: ajvazquezdc@yahoo.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since January, 2008

Your help and expertise have been great to my two practices. Your company has helped me grow without a lot of the billing issues many other offices face. Our healthcare system and the insurance industry changes monthly, and it helps to have someone take care of the insurance side of it. I have been with Medical Billing Professionals since January, 2008 and find them to be professional, timely and a valuable asset to my practices. The network is easy to use and can be accessed from any workstation. I am a young doctor in practice and have been able to grow steadily over the last year. I am able to concentrate on the other aspects of maintaining a clinic and patient care.

  • Robert Chickara, D.C. d/b/a Rehability LLC

  • 3585 Route 9 North
    Freehold, NJ 07728
  • Phone: (732) 780-6230
  • E-Mail: rehability@verizon.net
  • Basic Service
  • Client since April, 2007

The efficiency of the electronic claim submission provided by Medical Billing Professionals has significantly reduced the time it takes most insurance companies to process our claims, thereby allowing for quicker reimbursement and with less claims getting denied due to error. I highly recommend online Medisoft training for anyone not familiar with the software as this will save you time and significantly ease your transition to the protocol required for accuracy.

  • Patricia Cotton, LCSW

  • 101 W Park, Middleton, DE  19709
  • Phone: (302) 383-2382
  • E-Mail: pscotton1016@gmail.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since May, 2018

I am a solo practitioner and employed Medical Billing Professionals (MBPros) several months before transitioning to a full time private practice in 2018.  I had never done my own billing and was overwhelmed by most of the billing systems I researched.

Steve a MBPros has guided me through the process from day one.  His professionalism and attention to detail is phenomenal.  I am not tech savvy or the fastest learner but Steve never wavered.  He patiently stuck with me until I understood how to successfully work the system.  I still have questions from time to time and Steve gets back to me right away with a solution to my problem.

I highly recommend Steve and Medical Billing Professionals.  I don't believe there is a better solution at any price for your billing solution.

  • Robert Bock, D.C.

  • 3002 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33704
  • Phone: (727) 828-0838
  • E-Mail: rbock2@gmail.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since August, 2009

We were very fortunate to meet Steve at the FCA Conference in Orlando. We were there at that time in the process of opening a practice and were looking for a billing service we could trust and was reasonably priced. We went by many booths selling medical billing services and programs at the conference and listened to many a spiel that in the most part were way too elaborate with too much sales pitch and which lacked a personal feel. We knew immediately upon meeting Steve that he would be able to provide what we were looking for. Firstly, Steve is extremely professional, warm and approachable. He made us feel at ease with the very basic questions and concerns we had about setting up billing for our practice. We explained what we were looking for and he was able to tell us very concisely in a matter of minutes the options Medical Billing Professionals could provide without the heavy sell.

One week later we signed up for the Premium Service and we have not looked back since. Submitting claims is easy and Steve is ALWAYS on top of everything and extremely helpful (and as a bonus has a great sense of humor!). We have to say he has been instrumental in the success of our business thus far and we will continue to use his services. We highly recommend Medical Billing Professionals.

  • Richard Weiher, Ph.D.

  • 427 Ridge St., Suite A
    Reno, NV 89501
  • Phone: (775) 324-1988
  • E-Mail: weiher@gbis.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since October, 2005

I have a busy private practice in clinical psychology.  MBP has been our billing expert since 2005.  MBP allows my office manager to do the front office duties efficiently and with a smile, knowing that the billing of my medical claims is handled professionally and on a timely basis.  The interface between MBP and my office runs smoothly with the secure online forms used to communicate my daily billing needs.  I trust in MBP for handling my medical claims billing and know that I have no worries regarding the professional handling of any issues that may come up.

  • Kevin Healy, DC

  • 333 17th St, Suite N, Vero Beach, FL  32960
  • Phone: (772) 563-2900
  • E-Mail: khealydc@gmail.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since October, 2010

     I was referred to MBP by another doctor who had been using this service to file his claims.  Since then in 2010 I have been using MBP to handle my claims.  During this time Steven and the staff at MBP have been prompt, professional and reliable.  Emails have been addressed timely and the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was not a problem.  I would highly recommend this company to any office looking for a company to handle claims as well as providing the support without the hassles normally associated with this part of running a healthcare practice. 

  • Sherin Bourne, D.C.

  • 21 Stangl Rd, Suite B, Flemington, NJ  08822
  • Phone: (908) 343-6998
  • E-Mail: drsherinbourne@yahoo.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since May, 2010

Steve at Medical Billing Professionals provides everything you are looking for in a billing service.  Claims are submitted immediately so I get paid right away.  I love how I am able to use my iPad to provide him with the information that is needed.  He has been quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have had and I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of this service.  He has been a pleasure to work with and it makes it so much easier for me to just focus on what I do best--being a chiropractor--rather than worry if I'm billing correctly and if I will get paid.

  • Vincent Romviel, PT

  • 1147 20th St NW, Suite 301, Washington, DC  20036
  • Phone: (202) 293-3364
  • E-Mail: spinalbalance@aol.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since April, 2015

     I highly recommend Medical Billing Professionals.  They have made billing at our office so much more reliable and efficient.  Their customer service is fantastic.  Steve is quick to respond to all of our questions and seems to have an answer for everything related to billing and coding!!

     They also made our transition to ICD-10 seamless.  Steve makes working with insurance companies so much easier.  I can even count on Steve to catch the smallest of errors.  I am truly grateful for this service. 

  • David Trax, DC

  • 7200 SE US Highway 301, Hawthorne, FL  32640
  • Phone: (352) 481-9994
  • E-Mail: chirotrax@aol.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since January, 2010

     I purchased a clinic in 2009 that was staffed with one receptionist.  The receptionist was also the office manager and handled all insurance billing.  She was not an easy person to get along with but because she knew how the office  worked I did my best to tolerate her personality.  Well, there came a time where enough was enough.  I made the decision to fire her.  The only challenge was SHE DID ALL MY BILLING.  She literally had been holding me hostage at my own clinic because she knew how to handle my billing.  I had no clue how to do that myself nor the desire to learn so I decided not to fire her until I could find a billing company to help me out.

      I spoke with MANY different billing companies.  I either found them to be aggressive, abrasive or just not a good fit.  Many wanted to charge percentages of my claims as their payment.  I personally was not ok with that.  I was very thankful when I met Steve, owner of Medical Billing Professionals, at various Florida Chiropractic Association meetings.  He charges a fair set fee for the services he offers and his services are accurate and done right the first time.  I've had no billing issues since I hired Medical Billing Professionals in 2010.  Futhermore I am no longer paying an employee to hold me hostage in my own clinic.  That's priceless.  I STRONGLY recommend Medical Billing Professionals to any medical practice that wants a billing service to be your partner and help you improve your financial health. 

  • Anthony Zambetti, DC and Jason DePietropaolo, DC (Old Forge Chiropactic)

  • 520 S Main St, Old Forge, PA  18518
  • Phone: (570) 457-0977
  • E-Mail: tonyzam@hotmail.com
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since January, 2015

     Here at Old Forge Chiropractic we have been using your service since January, 2015.  It has helped make our billing easier, faster and definitely more efficient.  Our office staff especially likes the way we can enter our client information online.  And in turn your company addresses any questions and concerns in a timely manner which helps make our reimbursement time quicker.

     Steve is always available to help with any issues that may arise, such as log in problems, rebilling of denied claims and new patient submission forms.  Thank you for your excellent service. 

  • Mark Lee, DC

  • 1590 Clingan Ridge Dr, Cleveland, TN  37312
  • Phone: (423) 473-9700
  • E-Mail: tnchiro@charter.net
  • PremiumPlus Service
  • Client since June, 2012

     I have been with Medical Billing Professionals since 2012 and they have saved me a lot of time and money.  I have no other staff for insurance processing and Medical Billing Professionals allows me that privilege.  Steve is very fast about responding to my questions and he gets my claims processed very quickly.  If there are any problems with claims, he lets me know and I am able to correct them to not delay my money.  I would highly recommend Medical Billing Professionals.

  • Nina Pan, L.Ac.

  • 1930 Marlton Pk E, Suite A7, Cherry Hill, NJ  08003
  • Phone: (215) 788-8988
  • E-Mail: npan@yahoo.com
  • Premium Service
  • Client since December, 2017

     I have used Medical Billing Professionals since 2017.  Since the beginning Steve has always been very efficient in entering all the claim information and forwarding me the filed copies.  Whenever I have any questions, he is quick to respond with an email and a resolution.  Occasionall I have made mistakes where he was able to recognize and point them out.  The price is very reasonable and I will continue to use Medical Billing Professionals for my claim needs!

  • Brian Clark, DC

  • 5175 Moores Mill Rd, Huntsville, AL  35811
  • Phone: (256) 859-0440
  • E-Mail: sbclark123@gmail.com
  • Platinum, Service
  • Client since August, 2018

     I have used other billing services over the years, but Medical Billing Professionals are by far the best!

     Steve and his staff are the most helpful people you could imagine.  No matter how stupid you think your question may be, they will offer the best advice and never make you feel stupid for asking.  They are very polite and very professional.

     Medical Billing Professionals has many useful tools at our disposal.  It is a personal goal for me to learn every single piece of helpful information they offer to us.  They are so easy to work with and for the work they do, the cost is far less than any other billing service I've used.

     If you want to make your billing much easier, much faster and beyond the best of the best, use the services of Medical Billing Professionals.  You will be so glad you did! 

  • Rick Ferry, LCSW

  • P.O. Box 1460, Havertown, PA  19083
  • Phone: (610) 716-0823
  • E-Mail: rickferry@yahoo.com
  • Platinum Service
  • Client since January, 2015

     I have been using MBPros for several years now without one hitch.  I am not very computer literate and getting up and running was simple and easy.  Steve provided me an initial tutorial that was understandable and took away any apprehension I had at using the computer for billing.  He is always available to answer any questions I have in a friendly and patient manner.  The forms are extremely user friendly.  Claims are filed and insurance verified quickly.  If there are problems with either, Steve emails me immediately.

     Before using MBPros, I did my own paper billing and called insurance companies to verify insurance, which took a lot of my time and not a small investment of money.  Since starting with MBPros, I save a lot of time and my accounts receivable has increased considerably.  I highly recommend MBPros as a reliable and affordable service for your practice.