BillFlash Electronic Patient Statements

Sending Bills and Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

     Collecting balances patients owe can be tedious and time-consuming.  Many offices do not even bother to send statements to patients, which results in decreased cash flow.  Let BillFlash take away the worry of sending patient statements.  Don't be surprised when your payments increase and your headaches decrease. 

Complete Suite of Billing & Payment Services

Eliminate headaches when you choose BillFlash as your one-stop shop for Billing & Payment Services that work together for you.

icon-new-eBill  Online eBill

  • Send cost-saving paperless bills securely online through our site
  • Customize accepted payment methods and messages
  • Expedite online payments through

icon-new-ePay  Online ePay

  • Payers (patients or customers) pay you online at our site
  • Payers can send messages to you with their online ePay
  • ePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

icon-new-Mail  Print & Mail

  • Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail
  • Customize accepted payment methods, messages, and color
  • Simplify processing with payment coupons and return envelopes

icon-new-OfficePay  In OfficePay

  • Process walk-in, mail, and phone payments
  • Payers can see OfficePays online at
  • OfficePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

Your Payers can find their eBills and make ePays through You can customize your messaging on the site.

Your Payers can see current balances which reflect any payments received by you through either OfficePay or ePay.

Your Payers can add messages TO you on their payments. They can also see messages FROM you on each payment.

icon-new-integration  Integration with Medisoft

BillFlash integration with your Billing Application further reduces the steps for you to complete your work.

While you can access all BillFlash Services through, your BillFlash Reseller will introduce the benefits of all available integration with your Billing Application.

See BillFlash in Medisoft



  • Mailed Statement:  76 cents for 1 page (white with tear-off coupon and return envelope)
    • Each additional page of a statement for a patient--17 cents

    • Colored Statement option:  1 cent per page

  • eBill Statement (email notification sent out to patient same day file is uploaded from biller's email address);

    • 25 cents per statement (free if already paying for statement to be mailed)

  • BillFlash Technical Support:  $17.50 per month

  • Payment Services:

    • Ask about the fees for the available Payment Services so patients can pay you online via credit card or an eCheck

Video DemoTo see a video demo of how Medisoft and BillFlash work together, click here .

PowerPoint DemoTo see a PowerPoint demonstration of how you can use Office Pay with Medisoft, click here .

Sample StatementTo see a sample BillFlash statement, click here.